An Assortment of files on PCB design and related technology

Uploaded March 12th 2015

This page was inspired by a discussion I had with Joe Dickson,
V.P. Product Operations at WUS Printed Circuit Group.
He provided many of the files listed here, and for the rest,
the titles for me to search and link to.

Design for Manufacturability of Rigid Multi-Layer Boards by Tom Hausherr (PDF)

PCB Design Flow, Cal Berkeley by Prabal Dutta (Power Point)

Layout to VLSI verification and testing (Power Point)

PCB Design   PIC example test and PCB Design (Power Point)

How to Design Printed Circuits Boards (Power Point)

PCB Design to Layout (Power Point)

Design for Manufacturability for PCBs (PDF)

Houston PCBA Design Guidelines and DFM Requirements (PDF)

PCB General DFM Overview (Power Point)

Technology Review and Cost Attribute Matrix for Backplanes (PDF)

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