Why you can't use a 16K by 8 EPROM for storing the bitstream of a XC4013

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(Vintage March 1997)

    I am using a XC4013pg223 and 16K X 8 EPROM to store the bitstream, configuration will be in master parallel up mode. When during configuration, the address counter count to 400e a data frame error occurs and the INIT pin goes low forever. After re-program, the error still occurs. I just connect the address pin A0 - A13 to EPROM. A14 - A17 is floating.

You are only half way there :-) The XC4013 requires a bitstream of 247960 bits (30995 bytes), so a 16K byte EPROM just isn't going to make it. You need at least a 32K EPROM, and need to be using A0 thru A14.

The address that you are failing at (0x400E) is the first end of frame that the chip sees after it has wrapped around to the beginning of your 16K EPROM. The CRC is wrong, and the INIT pin is telling you so.

For bitstream length, see page 2-26 of the 1994 data book, or 4-57 of the 1996 data book.

Thanks for stating your problem so clearly. It makes helping you an easy thing to do.

Philip Freidin

    Thanks for your helping. I can config my X4013 now. :>

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